The Brown Scapular

The Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel is a deeply Catholic Devotion which offers us a rich spiritual tradition that honors Mary as the first and foremost of her Son's disciple.

It comes to symbolize the special dedication of Carmelites to Mary, the Mother of God and to express trust in her motherly protection as well as the desire to be like her in her commitment to Christ and to others. Thus it became a sign of Mary.

Through the Scapular, Mary shows us: how to be open to God and His Will; how to pray at all times; how to be close to the needs of others; and how to discover God as present in all that happens around us.

The Scapular must not be seen as a charm to protect the wearer or as an automatic guarantee of salvation and thus an excuse for not living the demands of the Christian life.

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